Improve Efficiency with Premier Stock Management Software

At Datapel, we pride ourselves on being the backbone of your stock management and control needs. Our comprehensive stock management software is meticulously designed to support small to medium-sized businesses in reducing costs, enhancing efficiency, and revolutionising their stock control practices.

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Cutting-edge Features

Datapel Cloud.WMS combines cutting-edge features into one easy, automated system built to drive business operations.

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Multi-location stock tracking

Gain Full Control Over Your Stock

Locate your stock items across multiple warehouses & bins. Track the movement and levels of your stock

  • Track items & see live stock levels
  • Multiple locations & bins
  • Move stock between locations
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Barcode scanning

Increase Accuracy & Speed of Order-Picking while Reducing Error Rates

Quickly locate individual items across your warehouse. With barcode scanning, you will improve:

  • Inventory accuracy
  • Put away accuracy
  • Order picking accuracy
  • Fulfillment accuracy

Connect with Accounting, Shipping & eCommerce software you already use.


Unparalleled Stock Management

With Datapel, you gain access to a sophisticated stock management system that places real-time inventory control at your fingertips. Our system is engineered to streamline your operations, ensuring you always have the right stock at the right time.

Advanced Stock Control System

Our stock control software for small business incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide detailed insights into your inventory levels, order fulfilment, and warehouse operations. This means you can make informed decisions, reduce waste, and optimise your stock holding.

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Empowering Businesses with Stock Control Software

Datapel’s stock control software for small business is the solution you’ve been seeking. It empowers your team to maintain optimal stock levels, manage orders efficiently, and deliver exceptional customer service without the complexity.

Tailored to Your Needs

Recognising that no two businesses are alike, Datapel offers configuration options to fit your specific stock control and management requirements. Our team is dedicated to providing a tailored solution that aligns with your business objectives.

Our Reviews

Adam Koniaras

Elk Accessories

Our experience working with Datapel has been absolutely first-class, we have been working with them for over 10 years, they continue to add value every year

Terry Parker

Innovation with Energy

The implementation staff and support staff have been accessible and always there to help. WMS just works well

David Williams


We researched all products on the market and the WMS is the best fit for a mid size company

Justin Germain

Germain Seafoods

It has given us the ability to integrate MYOB with a Warehouse Management System.

Greg Hargreaves

Brisbane Appliance Sales

WMS is a solution that saved the organisation from spending a six figure sum for a custom package. It also integrates into our current financial systems and has room to grow as the business grows.

Andrew Arthy

EHI Australia

The system was extremely cost-effective and the Datapel team are very helpful, and knowledgeable and were committed to delivering a system that met our requirements.

Andrew Arthy

EHI Australia

We just didn’t expect it to be that much of an improvement… even with our best pickers… and now we can multi-skill our entire staff and be even more efficient

Edward Thorp

Heebie Jeebies

With Datapel we have managed to quadruple in size and keep the same core team – it just delivers the efficiency we need to keep growing.

Ali Pogalva

Lo-Chlor Chemicals

As a chemical manufacturer and wholesaler where would we be without Datapel? Datapel is our key customer service advantage

Penny Bebb

Kimdec Hair + Beauty Supplies

With Datapel DataPOS we get a flexible POS experience that knows the client and makes the checkout process simple

Craig Marcus


We have no hesitation in recommending the suitability and usefulness of Datapel for our industry

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