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We welcome Supply Chain Industry leaders who are solution builders, system integrators, consulting professionals and advisors to join our network of Datapel Cloud.WMS partners.

Join our ecosystem of inventory and order management experts delivering best practice solutions to wholesalers, manufacturers, import-export, asset management, and third-party logistics operations around the world.

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Integrate with your favorite accounting systems and eCommerce platforms

“I think I started off in 2007. Maybe WMS was only 2% of my business, and now directly and indirectly, it’s probably about 80 to 85% of my business.”

Dominic Posner

Solution Partner, Number Nine

Why Partner with Datapel?

We provide partners with a revenue share of up to 50% for new business introduced on year one ARR, with attractive annual recurring commissions that scale as your engagement grows.


Earn a Commision

We provide partners with a revenue share of up to 50% for new business introduced


Stronger Relationships

Build stronger, long-term relationships with your customers by introducing a solution that solves their pain points


Partner Training

Partners receive training on the benefits and features of Datapel Systems.


Marketing Support

We provide materials, resources and tools to convey the benefits of Datapel Systems to your customers / audience


Grow your Business

Align the delivery of your services and work with our growing ecosystem of industry-leading customers eager to invest in operational efficiency

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Brand Awareness

Put your logo alongside ours in co-branded marketing collateral and reach new customers

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Datapel Cloud.WMS is a trusted Order and Warehouse Management System that provides best-practice workflows, lowers costs and improves operational transparency for a diverse range of businesses.​ 

Datapel Partner Opportunities

Solutions Partner

Own the client experience with Datapel Systems from pre-sale to onboarding and client management

  • Register and manage deals
  • Complete implementation and onboarding process
  • Offer level 1 business hours support
  • Earn a recurring commission
  • Receive a channel partner manager

Reseller Partner

Drive and complete the sale of Datapel Systems’ products and receive a commission

  • Register and manage deals
  • Earn a recurring commission
  • Access to self-serve sales and marketing materials
  • Tiered partner program strucutre

Datapel Partner Program

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