Build a connected and integrated supply chain

Connect easily and instantly with Datapel’s powerful EDI and API capabilities. Enable complete visibility, better communication, and speed up every one of your supply chain processes.

Accounting software

Communicate directly with your accounting software using industry standard API technology. Stop re-keying inventory data, and maintain consistency between accounting and warehouse systems.

READ Accounts, tax types, product list and contacts. Synchronise accounts information on demand or periodically. Including: product list, customers, suppliers and contact details.

WRITE Product sales, purchases, work orders, or new contacts. Once order fulfillment and purchase receipts are finalised, payments, bills and invoices are sent to your accounting system – no need for re-keying.

RECONCILE Sales, payments, and inventory. Verify invoiced sales from Datapel Cloud.WMS with the reconciliation report, or check inventory levels are matched when using inventory accounts. Allow payment receipts direct from your Accounting software to reflect in your WMS, simplifying credit checks for your operations team.

When you use Datapel, your bill of materials, work orders, adjustments, sales and purchase orders synchronise with your accounting system. You’ll quickly replace your manual spreadsheets with an organised, interactive solution that keeps your team productive and your accounts team focused.

Datapel allows us to seamlessly bring purchases and sales of goods into our accounting package. Since going live with the integration 12 months ago we’ve found the process of tracking inventory significantly easier. We’re able to sell in multiple currencies, with Datapel making all the fx conversions necessary.

Derek Mundy

Datapel Xero App User


Connect easily and instantly with Datapel’s powerful B2B EDI capabilities. Enable complete visibility, better communication, and speed up the entire supply chain. With over 350,000 trading connections, SPS Commerce connects retail trading partners around the globe, including eCommerce stores, drop shippers and bricks-and-mortar shopfronts. An EDI system like SPS commerce lets your biggest partners, suppliers, and retailers connect directly with your Datapel system to send and receive orders and other data electronically. Datapel integrates directly with SPS Commerce giving you direct access to your trading partners.

B2B and B2C eCommerce

Integrate orders made on your eCommerce solution automatically with Datapel Cloud.WMS. Eliminate manual entry with same day synchronisation of remote eCommerce orders directly into your despatch register. For B2B orders, apply customer special pricing with account payment terms. Allow B2C transactions to apply default pricing and accept prepayments via credit card or other popular payment methods.

Keep your online stores up to date with current inventory levels and avoid over-selling your products. Depending on your store of choice, allow automated email notifications and consignment information to be relayed directly to customers with invoice attachments.

Freight and logistics

Datapel provides comprehensive integration with SmartFreight®, the market leading multi-carrier Freight Management System. Currently, over 1400 companies benefit from substantial savings in transport costs and 100% compliance with all major domestic and international freight carriers. SmartFreight® gives your organisation complete independence from carrier specific systems allowing you the freedom to choose the freight company that best suits your needs.

Integration between the Datapel Warehouse Management System (WMS) and SmartFreight offers an unparalleled multi-carrier supply chain solution for your business. Save time and avoid the need to re-enter information as data is seamlessly transferred bi-directionally between WMS and IFS.


DataPOS provides a touchscreen optimised POS solution for front counter sales, tightly integrated into the WMS fulfilment system. DataPOS is a complete retail solution for your Datapel warehouse management system.

Process sales quickly with streamlined barcode scanning and three touch order entry process.

Compatible with most POS hardware configurations including barcode scanners, cash drawers, and receipt printers.

Optimised for touch screen with large format display, onscreen keypad calculator to minimise physical or onscreen keyboard dependence making it perfect for touch terminals, touch monitors or mobile tablets.

BI and reporting

Using our inbuilt reports or partner apps, you’ll see detailed analysis of sales and cost margins by: customer, item, salesperson, customer type, brand, supplier, class, location, tracking code, or via comparison to prior periods or years.

Track inventory against recent sales history to manage reorders. Pick from the default reports or easily change any key dimensions. Simply save report templates to re-use, share with other users or schedule to auto email daily, weekly or monthly.

Build any integration you want with our API

You’re probably already familiar with the more traditional methods of managing and accessing your business information – like running reports, exporting tables to excel, or importing transactions and data via text files.

For programmers and developers the Breeze API allows these actions to be performed securely, on demand, automatically from anywhere at any time.

This opens up limitless possibilities… here are just a few examples:

  • Phone or tablet based apps for your customers to see their orders and status.
  • Secure web pages with up-to-the-minute stock availability and pricing per customer.
  • Connect to leading CRM or other online eCommerce sales force automation tools.
  • Website-linked orders direct to your sales and despatch register.

To create a Breeze API solution you will need either a Web or Mobile Application Developer on staff or external partner. Datapel provides support for your developers in the form of API documentation and sample apps showing how to read and write information using the Breeze API.

Visit to review our developer documentation


Datapel is more than just software. We’ll work closely together to understand your business, create a plan, and build custom workflows and integrations if needed. We’ll make sure Datapel works for you.

Leading organisations trust Datapel for a connected and integrated supply chain

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