Datapel for Warehouse Operations Managers

Gain real-time visibility into your warehouse operations

Use Datapel Cloud.WMS to get real-time visibility into inventory movement, order fulfillment capacity and worker activity. Stay ahead of operations and keep on top of all your supply chain priorities.

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As a leading fashion and accessories brand supplying domestic and overseas stores, ELK identified a growing online e-tailing opportunity. They required a WMS that could keep up with the fast—often next day—delivery of online orders direct from their Melbourne warehouse.

hampers with bite case study

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This rapidly growing business was using a legacy, on-premise WMS that lacked flexibility. They were unable to extend ERP integration or offer basic MRP features. Hampers With Bite required a new solution accessible from anywhere prior to the peak Christmas production and distribution season. Additionally, parallel operation of the existing legacy system needed to be maintained during the transition to manage overall business risk.


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EHI Australia relied on a good paper-based picking system using incentives for high performing employees. However, the ever-present need to reduce overall error rates—and increasingly strict SLAs with major customers—dictated the need to improve accuracy and minimise penalty charges due to pick errors. With rapid business growth, there was a need to modernise the warehouse management system and scale operations.

ph fine foods case study

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P & H Fine Foods needed an inventory solution that could adapt following the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. As a supplier of catering to major airlines, P & H Fine Foods had to rapidly pivot production due to a sharp drop in sales volumes. The management team realised three things were critical to business survival and long-term success: flexibility, access from anywhere via web browser, and real-time scanning capability.

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Move away from paper trays and spreadsheets
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Keep your team working efficiently
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Automatically create transfer replenishments

You are responsible for the efficient storage, movement and receipt of inventory throughout the warehouse, and the fulfillment of orders to customers. Without clear visibility into the activities of workers and an intimate understanding of operational capacity, you’re flying blind.

Datapel’s powerful Cloud.WMS provides real-time visibility into inventory movement, order fulfillment capacity and worker activity. Simplifying your warehouse operations and giving you all the tools you need to stay on top of your priorities.

Become paperless and flexible

Move away from paper trays and spreadsheets to simple order and item registers that act as your live to-do lists. Change order priorities, see real-time pick-pack activity or introduce cost-effective paperless barcode scanning workflows.

Assign orders to workers efficiently

Keep your team working efficiently by assigning orders to workers based on product, brand or customer group.

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“We’ve got direct ship and distribution into store – but for those clients driving by it’s critical they can browse and purchase direct from our showroom! With Datapel DataPOS we get a flexible POS experience that knows our client and makes the checkout process simple.”

Penny Bebb

Kimdec Hair + Beauty Supplies

Maximise fulfilment rates and reduce stock outs

Automatically create transfer replenishments from bulk to pick face maximising order fulfilment rates and reducing stock outs.

Get your warehouse operations back under control, grow your profits and get your stock moving faster.
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Integrated eCommerce order processing for next-day delivery

See how ELK’s new Datapel Cloud.WMS supports their shopify orders to be processed in real time, allowing for reliable efficiency and next-day delivery.

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Flexibility and lowered business risk

Discover what happened when an on-premise legacy system became too inflexible for this business’s growing needs.