Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing Software for Warehouse Management

Maximise productivity, improve efficiency, and gain real-time control over your manufacturing operations with Datapel’s powerful warehouse manufacturing software. Designed specifically for manufacturing companies, our cloud-based solution provides a comprehensive set of features to streamline your production processes and optimise your factory floor.

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Production planning and scheduling
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Reservation and optional holds on raw materials
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Highly configurable work order instructions
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Work orders created from demand or available components
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Batch blending or discrete manufacturing
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Recall and traceability reports

In manufacturing, you need accurate and flexible control of your raw materials and finished goods. Rely on Datapel’s manufacturing software and control your production process with ease.

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Manufacturing software to track raw materials and finished goods seamlessly

Automatically allocate inventory of raw materials and create finished goods with tracking components (serial and batch numbers) for full traceability. You’ll save time and lower your costs.

Track various stages of production

View work-in-progress, schedule future work orders or production runs and manage committed raw materials. Always know exactly what stage an order is at and manage production smoothly.

track various

“We just didn’t expect it to be that much of an improvement… even with our best pickers… and now we can multi-skill our entire staff and be even more efficient.”

Andrew Arthy

EHI Australia

upgrade to wms stay with accounting

Upgrade to a WMS but stay with your accounting system

Upgrade your business solution to a powerful warehouse management software for manufacturing while keeping your existing accounting package. See ROI and improved business efficiency in days, not months.

Make real-time production changes

Flexible bill-of-materials supporting inventory and non-inventory components. Simplify manufacturing inventory management and easily modify, substitute and adjust productions in real-time.

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easily vary and

Easily vary and document production runs

Account for variable yield production runs with adjustable as-built quantities. Manage production documentation with attachments by works order and batch number.

Assess demand on raw materials

Assess demand on raw materials with commitments, work-in-progress, and pending finished goods quantities by item. Track completion with optional production stages.

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Schedule and forecast with confidence

Our software for manufacturing offers demand planning worksheets and dashboards to assist with production schedules and purchase forecasts.

Automatically allocate stock for production runs or work orders

Select articles based on best practice stock rotation principles, or simply override any selection with as-built components from manually completed production sheets. Automatic allocation can be based on FIFO, LIFO, bin, expiry date, batch and serial number selection strategies. Or work with the Datapel team to automate your own tailored rules.

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Start manufacturing more smoothly and keep your warehouse under control.
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Increased order accuracy and efficiency

Learn how EHI Australia increased order accuracy and maximised warehouse efficiency. They had outgrown their paper-based system, and needed reliable implementation during rapid business growth.

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Integrated eCommerce order processing for next-day delivery

See how ELK’s new Datapel Cloud.WMS supports their shopify orders to be processed in real time, allowing for reliable efficiency and next-day delivery.