Best practice workflows for your industry

Designed for growing business focused on expanding eCommerce, Business to Business, and Business to Consumer operations in the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries.

Using best practice workflows and inbuilt barcode scanning, Datapel Cloud.WMS provides unmatched support for inventory management and item tracking – essential for wholesalers, 3rd party logistics, manufacturers and warehouse service providers.

The advanced quality control workflows provide tools for compliance to many industry standards. Track and trace by batch, lot, serial number, and expiry date for manufacturers, food and beverage, high tech distributors, health and pharma suppliers.

Advanced order management features and back order fulfillment automation assists the building supplies, online e-tailers, and the fashion and giftware industry – managing allocation of seasonal product ranges and keeping orders moving from supplier through to customer.


Industries Served

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Wholesale and distribution

Take the headache out of inventory management. With total visibility and best practice industry workflows, you can take advantage of cutting-edge technology to keep your customers happy and move stock fast.

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We spent years working with leaders in the 3PL industry to make inventory stock control simple to manage and fast to carry out. Take advantage of cutting-edge automation to move your stock faster.

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Manage your inventory with accuracy and complete traceability. Datapel supports GS1 Healthcare specific AI 2D or DataMatrix barcodes.

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Textile and clothing

With fashion, apparel and accessories being one of the fastest growing online marketplaces, it’s critical your system delivers high levels of customer service. In an industry with the highest product return ratio it’s important that process efficiency and workflow is optimal. Trust the inventory control to us and focus on growing your business.

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Integrated ecommerce order processing for next-day delivery

See how ELK’s new Datapel Cloud.WMS supports their shopify orders to be processed in real time, allowing for reliable efficiency and next-day delivery.

“Datapel helped us with the transition from processing wholesale orders to managing minute-by-minute online orders from consumers.”

Warehouse Manager


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Trust Datapel to provide real-time inventory data so you can ship, stock and deliver the right product at the right time. Designed to support complex retail distribution chains with highly adaptable and scalable software. Take the headache out of fast-paced and seasonally-driven inventory stock control.

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In manufacturing, you need accurate and flexible control of your raw materials and finished goods. Rely on Datapel Cloud.WMS and control your production process with ease.

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Mining and Energy

Timely product delivery and rapid stock replacements are key requirements in the mining industry. Datapel Cloud.WMS provides everything you need to deliver exceptional customer service and communicate with big business systems.

mining energy
food and bev
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Food and beverage

Quality control, complete traceability and the ability to manage production recipes. Trust the inventory control to us and focus on growing your business.

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Government and services

Trust Datapel for real-time inventory data so you can run your government department. Suitable for local, state, or federal government offices that need to manage inventory and supplies within a department or service centre. The diverse activities of government departments and service providers call for simple use, flexible, and configurable solutions.


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