Make your business easy to pay and get paid faster.

Get an integrated payment solution that gets your business paid from email or invoice, with automated reconciliation to Datapel Cloud.WMS platform. Give your customers a great payment experience with Datapel PayNow.


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About Datapel PayNow

datapel paynow

Get paid anywhere, anytime from invoices, emails & by phone.

Now you can get paid automatically on the day you issue your invoice – simply enable the Datapel PayNow service – no setup fees! Add a Pay Now’ button to your invoices and reminders – give your customers more ways to pay you, and you will get paid quicker. Your customers will love the seamless payment experience.

Get paid via credit card, bank transfer or direct debit.

Giving your customers more options to pay you increases payment volumes and reduces outstanding invoices. And your customers will love the great payment experience. They can pay via credit card, bank transfer or direct debit.

datapel paynow payment methods
datapel paynow payment methods

Get automated reconciliations of payments with Datapel Cloud.WMS Invoices and accounting software

We know how long it takes your accounts and finance teams to mark invoices as paid and reconcile payments back into your accounting platform. Give your team the time to focus on critical priorities with automated reconciliations.

Give your customers the option to Settle Now and Pay Later (BNPL for B2B)*

Integrated B2B BNPL means your customers can apply for funding on outstanding invoices, get approved and pay their invoices on time while getting the flexibility that their cash flow requires. Give your customers the option to Settle Now & Pay Later with Datapel PayNow.
*This feature will be available soon

datapel paynow payment methods
datapel paynow rate sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Datapel PayNow generally used for?

PayNow is generally deployed to improve the efficiency of the accounts receivable process. As credit control and collections efficiency improves, businesses get paid faster and there is more cash available as working capital. PayNow streamlines a traditionally complex function and helps the accounts team to consolidate their tasks.

What types of businesses use Datapel PayNow?

Cashflow-critical businesses use PayNow. Growing businesses that issue a high volume of invoices use PayNow. PayNow is popular in the following industries: manufacturing, wholesale distribution, construction, business services, and gifting. Small-to-medium businesses, including family businesses, choose PayNow to lighten the load on a busy accounts receivable team.

How can I add Datapel PayNow to my current system?

Simply fill out the contact form on this page or email us to start the application process. 

What are the costs involved in using Datapel PayNow?

Adding the Datapel PayNow module to your existing Cloud.WMS is free. Once you start using the PayNow payment portal, standard transaction fees will apply. Download the rate sheet here.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to pass on the transaction fees to your customers. You can specify this on the application form in the fee structure section by inputting the surcharge amount you wish to apply to the customers. Whether it’s the entire fee or a percentage, you have the option to tailor the cost-sharing strategy based on your business preferences. Some customers also prefer to share a portion as a cost to their own company and the remaining amount is passed on to the customer.

What applications can I integrate with Datapel PayNow?

PayNow only integrates with Datapel Cloud.WMS. PayNow payments will automatically allocate details to your accounting software at the time of invoicing from Cloud.WMS.

If you are not an existing Datpel Cloud.WMS customer, please reach out to us via email at [email protected].or book a demo to find out more.

How do I use Datapel PayNow?

If you would like to learn more about how the PayNow module operates within Datapel Cloud.WMS, please visit our knowledge base for further information.

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