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For critical service issues please email [email protected] with the word critical in the subject title and be sure to clearly identify your access URL and user details for our team to escalate for priority resolution. Feel free to follow up with a call to our support line on +61 1300 137 082 to ensure your email request has made it through and you have been assigned an incident ticket number.

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Datapel Knowledgebase is a collection of searchable online articles to help you with specific WMS workflows. Use the link belows to access this resource and enter keywords describing the topic for which you require assistance.

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Datapel Remote Support is a desktop application that allows the Datapel Support Team to actively diagnose the operation of your local PC system. To start a Remote Support session you need to first install the Datapel Remote Support installation file below. Double click the downloaded file, and follow the installation instructions. Alternatively, call the Datapel Support Team on 1300 137 082 for help.

Frequently asked questions

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  • 1. What are the additional module options?

    There are several module options by product range you can consider.

    • WMS Module Options
    • ICXE Module Options

    Datapel also provides barcoding solutions as part of its WMS stock control solutions.

    If you are considering using barcodes to further improve efficiency in the warehouse, speak to Datapel about incorporating barcoding with WMS.

    By default WMS has full support for barcoding, which makes adding barcode devices to your WMS very easy indeed.

    Consider these barcoding options:

    • Barcode printers
    • Barcode scanner devices (tethered or wireless)
    • Barcode PDA terminals (with full mobility and wi-fi connectivity).
    • Tablet devices

    If you like to know more about any of our modules, products or suitable hardware devices please contact [email protected]

  • 2. How does Datapel Systems work to create cost savings and promote growth?

    Significant efficiency improvements in business administration and the warehouse can be expected through implementation of Datapel Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Inventory Controller XE. These include:

    • Improved search times
    • Improved data and inventory reporting
    • Lower inventory costs and stock handling errors
    • Improve productivity and reduce labour costs.

    Using a manual paper-based stock management process, searching for stock can take up to 20% of a storeman’s time. WMS/ICXE guided picks and flexible search functionality can dramatically reduce search times.

    Additional efficiencies can be achieved by reducing errors with guided picks, put-aways and integrating barcode labelling. The Datapel Systems does the thinking for you, so both quality and accuracy increase while your labour costs drop.

  • 3. What are the system requirements for Datapel Systems?

    System Requirements

    There are no installation requirements for the majority of Datapel Cloud.WMS users as our service is accessed via the browser. For some custom printing applications you may require the installation of an agent within your local IT infrastructure.

    Supported Internet browsers

    We support the following internet browsers with compatibility for the latest Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android Operating Systems: 

    • Google Chrome
    • Fire Fox
    • Safari
    • Edge

    These browsers will ensure you have the optimal usability and experience. 

    Datapel Cloud.WMS does not support Windows XP, Internet Explorer or any non-HTML5 browser other than those listed above.

    There are some other settings you need to be aware of:

    • We require you to enable JavaScript and plug-ins for some scanning applications
    • While not mandatory, we recommend your browser accept cookies
    • Check port blocking and proxy settings to ensure optimal experience
    • You require at least a 5Mbs/5Mbs internet connection with low latency
    • make sure your device supports 16 bit colour with a minimum resolution of 1366 x 768


  • 4. Does Datapel WMS integrate data with MYOB accounting systems?

    The Datapel WMS range of products operate with 2-way integration to your MYOB accounting software.

    In order to access inventory, sales, and user information the WMS must synchronise with MYOB. Synchronisation takes between 1-2 minutes depending on your company file size. Synchronisation can be configured to occur daily at a specified time.

    For a stand-alone stock control system, the Datapel Inventory Controller XE is designed to operate stand-alone without the need for additional software.

  • 5. Can I add more barcode scanning to the Datapel System?

    Yes, you can implement barcoding to an existing Datapel System because all our product range already supports barcode scanning workflows, such as scan-receive, scan-pick, scan stock take and more.

    If you have barcode requirements ask our Datapel staff for more assistance or email [email protected].

  • 6. Do you provide updates?

    As part of your annual support and maintenance fees, Datapel provides two types of updates to all Datapel Systems products – a “compatibility update” and a “new product upgrade”.

    The “compatibility update” is provided in line with new MYOB and Mircosoft OS software releases.

    The “new product update” contains new product features designed to make running your inventory control processes even more efficient.

  • 7. Is training mandatory?

    For all Datapel products, we provide comprehensive manuals and online resources (see Datapel Knowledge Base) to help users complete specific workflows step-by-step. As part of our Support and Maintenance services, you also have access to our support staff for specific questions on how to use WMS.

    For an implementation of Datapel Warehouse Management System (WMS) we strongly recommend that you include Datapel training services as part of the implementation process. This ensures effective use of its specialised workflow and reporting features, and a smooth transition for you and your staff.

  • 8. What are the features of Datapel Systems and what should I get started with?

    Datapel provides a range of stock control systems depending on the size and requirements of your business. You can introduce basic stock control workflows with Inventory Controller XE, or consider comprehensive order fulfilment and distribution processes with WMS Professional Edition, or manage inventory across both production and sales departments of your business with WMS Enterprise Edition.

    Visit features of Datapel for the full spectrum of products we offer. You are likely to find one from the Datapel range that is designed specifically for your business.

  • 9. Can WMS be customised to suit my specific requirements?

    We are always interested in improvements that save you time, deliver valuable business information, and help you organise your business inventory. If you have a specific need for a unique workflow, import / export business information (such as EDI) or require additional reports, we can customise WMS/ICXE to your specifications before we implement, so the system is ready to work for you from the get-go.

    Datapel Systems is also designed in a modular way which is possible to manage our client’s unique requirements without the excessive development and maintenance risk that typically accompany custom-developed systems.

  • 10. What does a WMS package include?

    The Datapel Warehouse Management System is offered as a software license upon purchase.

    Installation of Datapel WMS also requires a 2-stage implementation process as part of the wms package:

    • Stage 1 – Preimplementation – includes a full requirements analysis, analysis report and review
    • Stage 2 – Installation & Training – onsite service to install and configure Datapel WMS and required module options, and training is provided to key operational staff.

    Once Datapel WMS is live, as part of the Datapel Enhancement and Support Services, you receive ongoing phone and email support.

  • 11. How can I purchase the Datapel Warehouse Management System?

    Please contact the Datapel sales team [email protected] or phone 1300 137 082.

    A Datapel Sales representative will discuss your requirements at length before preparing a proposal with precise details on the implementation process, post-implementation services and module options required as part of Datapel WMS.

    Depending on your location we may work with your existing MYOB Certified Consultant or have a Datapel Partner assist in the implementation of WMS for you.

    Implementation is provided directly by Datapel or by a Datapel Partner in your area.

  • 12. Is upgrading mandatory?

    Customers are required to upgrade at least once every two (2) years. Compatibility upgrades are only provided for the previous years release, so although we would recommend upgrading every year, it is not compulsory. If you do not upgrade your MYOB accounting software you will not have to upgrade your WMS software.

  • 13. Will the WMS help to track inventory in manufacturing processes?

    Yes, Datapel Cloud.WMS manufacturing module allows you to specify Bill-Of-Materials to track all components used in an assembly back to the original purchase order. Create a build with a batch tracking number, and once production is complete, the WMS automatically adjusts the components and finished inventory accordingly. Designed to track inventory of raw materials and finished goods.

  • 14. Can WMS organise the warehouse for a wholesale/distribution business?

    Absolutely. With Datapel WMS you can assign items to be put-away in bins and/or locations. For example, name a bin “Isle-5-Shelf-2”.

    • As stock is received store people will be directed to this bin for stock placement.
    • When an item is sold they will be directed to the exact location.
    • No more misplaced stock or wasted time in stock searching.
    • Tip: to assist Sales, create a CLEARANCE bin. Allowing you to move older stock or end-of-life stock to the front of the fulfilment queue. Other bin uses include SAMPLES, RETURNS, and QUARANTINE.
  • 15. What does the monthly Support and Maintenance Fee provide?

    With a subscription to Datapel Support and Maintenance services, you have access to remote, phone and email support for your Datapel product.

    As part of the subscription, we provide annual MYOB “compatibility upgrade” and regular New Feature releases for our range of stock control systems.

    For more information about Datapel Systems Support and Maintenance agreements, please contact [email protected] to view the Datapel Systems Enhancement Support and Maintenance Agreement.

  • 16. What happens to Datapel WMS when MYOB updates its Accounting systems?

    Datapel provides regular updates to all products in the Datapel Cloud.WMS range. Every year MYOB releases a new update, and requires add-on systems like Datapel Cloud.WMS to update its connectivity to the MYOB accounting system. Typically, Datapel releases a compatibility update before your new version of MYOB upgrade becomes available. This occurs prior to June 30th of each year.

    We recommend you complete all upgrades before the start of the new financial year, and begin using your new MYOB software and updated WMS as of 1st July.

  • 17. Is Datapel Cloud.WMS right for my business?

    If you have a requirement to:

    1. Track stock serial, batch or expiry date information
    2. Track stock across multiple bins or locations
    3. Attach stock associated digital documents or images.
    4. Specific allocation of stock to sales orders,
    5. Manage order fulfilment and despatch processes
    6. Multiple user-restricted access

    Then Datapel Cloud.WMS can help.

    Give us a call on 1300 137 082 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements, and we’ll provide all the information you need to make an informed decision on how to improve stock control processes for your business.

    In most cases we can arrange an appointment on your premises to demonstrate first-hand the great features and benefits of Datapel Cloud.WMS.

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Andrew Arthy

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We just didn’t expect it to be that much of an improvement… even with our best pickers… and now we can multi-skill our entire staff and be even more efficient

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