WMS ROI Calculator

Ready to see what a WMS will do for your bottom line? Datapel has created an easy-to-use calculator to help you understand what return on investment you might see from the implementation of Datapel Cloud.WMS in your business.

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WMS ROI calculator

Number of Warehouse Staff: 3

Number of Order Management/Entry Staff: 1

Average Hourly Rate: $30

Average Value of Inventory Held over 12 months: $750,000

Annual Shrinkage Per Year: 0.75%

Order Shipping Accuracy: 98% of Orders

Average Orders per Day: 400

Cost per Order Error: $50

Cost Summary

Total Annual Labor Cost: $750,000

Labor Cost per Order:

Monthly Ship Errors:

Error Cost/Month:

Shrinkage Cost:

WMS Savings Highlights

Annual Productivity Increase:

Monthly Error Cost:

Monthly Savings:

Annual Error Savings:

Shrinkage Savings:

Total Annual Savings:

WMS Costs

Annual Fees:

Training and Setup:

Total First Year Cost:

Return on Investment

Months to Payback:


First Year Additional Operations Savings:

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