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Ready to see what a WMS will do for your bottom line? Datapel has created an easy-to-use ROI calculator to help you understand what return on investment you might see from the implementation of Datapel Cloud.WMS in your business.

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Key Factors of WMS ROI

When making significant software purchases, management approval and commitment are crucial. One of the key factors that management typically looks for is the return on investment (ROI) and how quickly the system can generate savings and improvements. For warehouse operators seeking to build their ROI case, we have identified four main areas where a WMS can have a significant impact on your warehouse operation.


Labour Savings

By optimising picking routes and walk paths,
a WMS can reduce travel time and increase
productivity, leading to substantial savings in labour costs.


Increased Productivity

With staff shortages being a challenge in logistics and supply chains, a WMS enables maximum efficiency, allowing workers to do more in less time, resulting in faster order processing and increased profits.



High turnover can negatively affect productivity and incur expenses. A WMS with intuitive features can automate processes and streamline training for new employees.


Reduce Errors

Fulfilment errors and mis-ships can be costly in terms of customer satisfaction and penalties. A structured WMS with checks and balances ensures accurate shipments, minimising costly mistakes.

Basic WMS ROI calculator

Number of Warehouse Staff 3

Number of Order Management/Entry Staff 1

Average Hourly Rate $30

Annual Average Value of Stock $750,000

Annual Shrinkage Per Year 0.75%

Order Shipping Accuracy 97% of Orders

Average Orders per Day 400

Cost per Order Error $50

Training and Setup

DIY i4 Express i4 Standard i4 Enterprise i4

Cost Summary

Total Annual Labor Cost $750,000

Labor Cost per Order

Monthly Ship Errors

Error Cost/Month

Shrinkage Cost

WMS Savings Highlights

Annual Productivity Increase i4

Monthly Error Cost i4

Monthly Savings i4

Shrinkage Savings i4

Total Annual Savings i4

WMS Costs

Annual Fees

Training and Setup

Total First Year Cost

Return on Investment

Months to Payback


First Year Additional Operations Savings:

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