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Enhanced Warehouse Management With MYOB Integration

Simplify your warehouse accounting processes with Datapel’s MYOB integration. Once connected, our warehouse management solutions communicate directly with your accounting software using industry-standard API technology. With an integrated MYOB inventory management solution, Datapel helps wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and logistics providers optimise their operations.

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Benefits of MYOB Integration with an Inventory Management System


Frictionless Connection

Our WMS was built with accounting software in mind, so your MYOB integration will seamlessly connect using API technology, making data transfer smooth.


Get Paid Faster

Payments, bills, and invoices are sent directly to MYOB. Get payments quicker and remove the extra step of manually rekeying data into your MYOB system.


Streamline Data Entry

Don’t slow down your admin staff with unnecessary manual data entry. With automated data processes, maintain consistency between accounting and warehouse systems.


eCommerce Capabilities

Use EDI from SPS Commerce to connect accounting and inventory solutions with leading eCommerce sites. Get in front of major retailers and other participating trading partners.

Ditch your spreadsheets and manual entry processes! Create an optimised workflow with Datapel’s MYOB integration. Datapel manages your inventory and warehouse operations while MYOB updates your accounting system in real time. 


How Datapel Works with a MYOB Integration

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Connect your MYOB integration with Datapel in minutes. Your appointed Datapel professional services consultant will work with you to make the initial connection.

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After connection, either on demand or periodically, synchronise your MYOB account information, tax types, product lists, customers, suppliers, and contact details with Datapel WMS.

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Payments, bills, and invoices are sent to your accounting system in real-time once order fulfilment and purchase receipts are finalised– no need for rekeying.

icon reconcile

Confirm invoiced sales from Datapel with the reconciliation report, or confirm inventory levels are matched when using MYOB inventory accounts. Enable payment receipts direct from MYOB to reflect in Datapel, streamlining credit checks for your operations team.

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About MYOB

More than a conventional accounting platform, MYOB serves as a dynamic financial solution addressing diverse business needs. From streamlined accounts management to comprehensive payroll, invoicing, and expense tracking, MYOB offers a versatile suite of tools. The Datapel Warehouse Management System, seamlessly integrates with MYOB, forging a potent alliance to elevate your business performance.


Is the MYOB integration user-friendly?

Connect your MYOB account with Datapel in minutes. Your assigned Datapel professional services consultant will guide you through the initial connection. The software, being cloud-based, allows access from anywhere with an internet connection. Datapel also provides a variety of training resources in our knowledge base with live chat support available.

What are the advantages of using the MYOB Integration?

The benefits of MYOB Integration with Datapel include:

  • Enhanced inventory accuracy and control
  • Reduction in time and costs associated with inventory management
  • Improved visibility into your inventory levels
  • Better decision-making

What challenges come with using the MYOB Integration?

Adapting to the MYOB Integration may pose challenges for those accustomed to manual inventory management. Nevertheless, the substantial benefits far outweigh these initial adjustments.

Datapel is a trusted Order and Warehouse Management System, aiding you in reducing costs, boosting efficiency, and significantly enhancing your inventory control.

What is MYOB API?

MYOB API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols and tools that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. In the context of Datapel’s MYOB integration, the MYOB API facilitates seamless communication between Datapel’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) and MYOB accounting software. This integration utilises industry-standard API technology to ensure a smooth and efficient connection, enabling real-time data transfer and synchronisation between the two systems.

What does MYOB stand for?

MYOB stands for “Mind Your Own Business.” Originally an acronym, MYOB reflects the software’s focus on providing comprehensive financial solutions for businesses. Datapel’s integration with MYOB enhances this focus by streamlining warehouse management processes, ensuring businesses can indeed mind their own business efficiently and effectively.

Is MYOB an ERP system?

While MYOB offers a range of features that contribute to effective business management, it is primarily an accounting software rather than a full-fledged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. MYOB focuses on financial aspects such as accounting, invoicing, and payroll. Datapel’s integration with MYOB complements these functionalities by bringing advanced warehouse management capabilities into the system, creating a synergistic solution for businesses looking to optimise both financial and inventory processes.

How do I connect MYOB to Excel?

Connecting MYOB to Excel can be achieved through the export and import features available in both systems. Refer to the user guides or help documentation provided by both MYOB and Microsoft Excel for detailed, version-specific instructions.

Improve Your Warehouse With MYOB Integration

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“The integration is easy to use, it communicates with MYOB consolidating information, and produces great recall reports.”

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