TradeGecko Sunset Got You Down? Datapel WMS Has Everything You Need and More

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When one door closes, another opens. Don’t let the QuickBooks Commerce (previously TradeGecko) product sunset disrupt your warehouse and inventory management operations. Why not make Datapel your go-to WMS? Continue to enjoy all the basic features of TradeGecko combined with best practice warehouse management, advanced inventory control, flexible eCommerce integrations and much more.

Published on: Apr 27, 2022

Datapel is a leading inventory management system trusted by thousands of businesses for critical functions & processes.


The world of inventory management is dynamic and constantly evolving. With TradeGecko’s integration into QuickBooks Commerce, businesses are exploring new platforms to manage their inventory and order operations. Datapel’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) emerges as a powerful alternative, offering a range of functionalities tailored to modern business needs.

The Need for a Robust WMS Solution

In the competitive landscape of inventory management, efficiency, and accuracy are paramount. TradeGecko’s sunset has prompted businesses to seek solutions that not only replace its services but also offer enhanced capabilities. Migrating to Datapel’s WMS stands out as a strategic choice, addressing these evolving requirements with a system that’s both robust and adaptable. This transition offers a seamless shift towards improved inventory control and business operation efficiency.

Key Features of Datapel WMS

  • Advanced Inventory Management: Datapel’s WMS offers sophisticated tools for inventory control, ensuring accurate tracking and management of stock levels.
  • Seamless eCommerce Integration: The system integrates seamlessly with various eCommerce platforms, facilitating smooth online transactions.
  • Built-in Barcode Scanning: This feature streamlines the process of inventory handling, making it faster and more error-free.
  • Point of Sale Compatibility: Datapel’s WMS is compatible with POS systems, offering a unified approach to sales management.
  • Customization and Scalability: The WMS is highly customizable, catering to the unique needs of different businesses, and scalable to grow with your business.

Benefits of Datapel

Datapel’s Warehouse Management System offers significant benefits.
Some of the Benefits of datapel are discussed ahead. Enhancing business operations and inventory control. It provides advanced inventory management with accurate tracking, seamless integration with various eCommerce platforms, and built-in barcode scanning for efficient handling. The system is also compatible with Point of Sale systems and customizable to meet unique business needs. With Datapel, businesses can expect improved operational efficiency, better inventory accuracy, and a scalable solution that grows with them.

Transitioning from TradeGecko to Datapel WMS

The transition process from TradeGecko to Datapel’s WMS is streamlined and user-friendly. Here’s a brief overview of how businesses can make the switch:

  • Data Migration: Ensuring smooth transfer of data from TradeGecko to Datapel.
  • Training and Support: Datapel provides comprehensive training and support to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: The WMS is designed to integrate with existing accounting, eCommerce, and sales systems.

Benefits Over TradeGecko

While TradeGecko offered robust services, Datapel’s WMS takes several steps further:

  • Providing more extensive integration options with eCommerce platforms.
  • Offering enhanced inventory tracking and management features.
  • Ensuring a more user-friendly interface with better support and training.

Always Evolving

Datapel’s commitment to innovation keeps its WMS at the forefront of inventory management technology. Regular updates and enhancements reflect the changing needs of the business landscape, ensuring that the system remains relevant and effective. This approach of continuous evolution empowers businesses to stay ahead of market trends and adapt quickly to new challenges in inventory management.


The shift from TradeGecko to Datapel’s Warehouse Management System represents a strategic move for businesses aiming to enhance their inventory management capabilities. With its advanced features, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface, Datapel’s WMS is well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses.

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