Datapel for Food & Beverage

Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Food

Trust Datapel for real-time inventory data so you can safely ship, stock and deliver the right product at the right time. Designed to help you work safely with food.

Reduce shrinkage with expiry date management
Flexible order entry for random weight products
Multi-location inventory workflows
Continuous production and receive direct to orders
Configurable multi-level bill-of-materials
Adjust for wastage, environmental factors with variable yields

Take the headache out of your inventory stock control. Manage Quality control, complete traceability and the ability to manage production recipes. Trust the inventory control to us and focus on growing your business.

Stay with your SMB accounting system but upgrade to a WMS

Yes, you can keep your MYOB® accounting system and upgrade to our warehouse management system. You’ll see ROI and improved business efficiency in days not months. Becoming more efficient has never been this simple.

Track what you need to

Track batch-lot numbers and expiry dates and track inventory from chiller, fridge, or dry storage zones.

“We just didn’t expect it to be that much of an improvement… even with our best pickers… and now we can multi-skill our entire staff and be even more efficient.”

Andrew Arthy

EHI Australia

Become more efficient with customised workflows

For random weight based products, like fresh produce and meat supplies, simply overridde sales order quantities during fulfillment.

Use flexible production recipes

Flexible production recipes allow blending of mixed component batches while maintaining full traceability.

Utilise progressive receiving

Progressive receiving allows despatching of finished product prior to work order completion or during work-in-progress.

Harness complete traceability

Stock flagging, lock-down, quarantine locations delivers unmatched ingredient traceability.

Understand real production costs

Modify work order output and amortise ingredient costs over the as-built yields to accurately reflect production costs.

Manage your production recipes with quality control and the ultimate traceability.

Flexibility and lowered business risk

Discover what happened when an on-premise legacy system became too inflexible for this business’s growing needs.

From old to new in under seven days

Find out how P & H Fine Foods pivoted in under seven days during the Covid-19 pandemic to implement a whole new warehouse management system.

Get more products to more customers and do it faster

Discover whether Datapel is the right fit for your business with a risk-free trial. We’ll give you a personalised demo and help you get set up for success.