Inventory management

Warehouse Inventory and Stock Management

Datapel gives you a full 360 degree view of operations from an inventory-centric perspective. Utilise item summary, detail, and full drill down capabilities to track where, when, and who interacted with any article across many locations. Take advantage of best practice warehouse management principles.

Powerful item search capabilities

Real-time demand indicators by item

Demand planning and order allocation tools

Profile articles with over 30 properties

Detailed stock movement register with audit trail

Strong “back of house” best practice warehouse management principles

Leading organisations use Datapel for precision inventory management

Utilise powerful item search capabilities for precision and speed

Locate stock by item number, name, batch or serial number, bin, custom field, or by barcode. View orders and items by picked, packed, shipped or flagged status. Manage stock in multiple virtual warehouses and further track items across multiple bins.

Stay up to date with changing demand

Real-time demand indicators by item showing commitment, allocation, on hold, available and projected days-of-stock metrics.

Plan and allocate better

Use powerful demand planning and order allocation tools. Create transfers between locations, build production orders, and schedule purchases from default or alternate suppliers to meet current or required inventory holdings.

Profile articles with precision and accuracy

Profile articles with over 30 properties. Include unlimited barcodes per item, track batch, lot, serial number, apply quality control flags, place holds on specific groups and link document attachments per item or batch.

Gain better visibility

Use your detailed stock movement register with audit trail to gain full visibility into article allocation, relocation, or adjustment by worker and location.

Rely on Datapel for high trust industries

For high trust industries like pharma, food and beverage, or health supplies, limit articles from transfer or despatch with quality control flagging and article notes. Manage the flow of inventory with workflows specific to your operations.

Allow for better document archiving

Support images, MSDS, EPG, product handling, brochures, templates, and technical specifications. Article attachments can be linked to either master item or specific batch for quality controlled document archiving.

Increased order accuracy and efficiency

Learn how EHI Australia increased order accuracy and maximised warehouse efficiency. They had outgrown their paper-based system, and needed reliable implementation during rapid business growth.

From old to new in under seven days

Find out how P & H Fine Foods pivoted in under seven days during the Covid-19 pandemic to implement a whole new warehouse management system.

Take a 360 degree view of your operations and get stock moving faster.

Coordinate and collaborate with Datapel

Your Datapel Cloud.WMS combines cutting-edge features into one easy, automated system. Built to drive business operations with advanced order management and inventory control workflows to achieve best practice for your industry.

Multiple locations and bins

Manage inventory and guide your workers through the most efficient pick path. Precisely locate articles in multiple bins and locations. 

Barcode scan and print

Introduce barcoding at your pace. Support your workers with our best practice scan pick, pack and ship workflows. Flexible options for GS1 standard barcodes.

Order management

Manage hundreds of orders every day. Automatically organise work loads and set your team priorities, so you remain in control. Get clear insights into all operational activity.

Guided pick, pack and putaway

Dramatically increase your productivity with guided article selection. See real-time location of primary and alternative locations for stock and reduce search times.

Purchasing and receiving

Close the loop on a successful supply chain – use order demand to anticipate stock requirements and drive purchase re-ordering from internal or external suppliers.

Returns management

Ensure returns are received within allowed RMA time windows and only from bonafide customers. Link returned goods with shipped serial or batch numbers. Avoid “product switching” for faulty or expired products from other suppliers.

eBusiness EDI

B2B EDI can extend from single order imports to a coordinated exchange of order acknowledgements and confirmations. Take advantage of advanced order shipment notifications.

Document trails

Manage disputes, workflow or process shortcomings. See clearly detailed audit trail review that shows events and times triggered by users, with order number and item references.

Logistics and freight carrier

Integrate quickly and easily with your logistics provider. Avoid re-keying your consignment data and automate your supply chain, from web order to carrier pickup.

BI and reporting

Interactive dashboards provide more than just summarised visual widgets. Make informed business decisions.

Running an Efficient Warehouse Operation is Challenging

As your business grows, so does the size of your inventory. It's difficult to manage increasing inventory lists, multiple locations, higher order volumes, efficient receiving and putaways all while maintaining accurate records.


of your warehouse operation time spent on order picking


of your business capital spent on labour costs alone